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8 Way Horizontal Surge Protected Rackmount IEC 14 Plug PDU - IEC 13 Sockets (PDU-8WS-H-SP-IEC-IEC)

Product Details

The LMS Power PDU-8WS-H-SP-IEC-IEC is a high-quality horizontally mounted PDU (Power Distribution Unit) that simply fits within the universal mounting brackets of data, telecom and server cabinets. 

Providing piece-of-mind of integral electrical surge protection against common power surges and electrical spikes to devices including Ethernet Switches, Servers, UPS, NAS and of course cabinet accessories including cooling fan trays.

Robust, alloy design complete with rackmount brackets fitted, high-quality Neon Switch, standardised IEC 13 power outlets, the PDU being fitted with a standardised IEC 14 Plug.

Key Features:

      Standard IEC 13 power outlets for your appliances

      Built-in surge protection for critical device protection

      Standardised IEC 14 power plug

      1U horizontally mounted attaches to internal profiles

      Neon On/Off Rocker switch to prevent accidental turn off 

      Backed up by LMS Power's exclusive 3-year warranty


Create instant power feeds to your data, telecom or server cabinets

Provide effective power for cabinet cooling fans, UPS systems

Ideal as stand-alone trailing sockets outside the cabinet

Product Code:

Part Number: PDU-8WS-H-SP-IEC-IEC

EAN: 8400800021670

Weight: 1.4Kg approx

Technical Specifications:

Warranty                 LMS Data 3-Year Warranty
Chassis                    1U horizontally PDU with mounting brackets 

Output Sockets     8 IEC 13 Sockets

Power Input            Standardised IEC 14 Plug

Flex Length             2 metres (approx)

Power Control        On/Off Rocker Switch (illuminated)

Power Rating          4000 Watts (approx) Surge Protected

Supplied With:

PDU-8WS-H-SP-IEC-IEC    8 Way Horizontal PDU

Cabinet brackets (Fitted)

* Specifications and product design are subject to change. E&OE.

What's a PDU?  Power Distribution Unit is the correct way to add electrical power within your data cabinet. They can be mounted on the 19-inch cabinet frame or, if required mounted vertically. Some LMS Power models offer electrical filtering to help mitigate power issues for your data switches, servers etc

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