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Gaming Keyboard Rainbow LED Wired USB for PC Laptop UK

Product Details

  • Multi-coloured LED backlit Illumination with Key Activation Option
  • Thin Keyboard Profile with Palm Rest, to Help Reduce RSI
  • Tactile Feedback with up to 10 Million Keystrokes Approx.
  • Better and More Productive Workflow, During Work or Play
  • UK Layout

lluminated Typing That's Built to go the Distance. Fed-up with your regular USB keyboard and want to brighten your desktop workspace up? The new Compoint CP-K8800 is a competitively priced but innovative full-size, desktop USB keyboard with an integral, backlit LED type illuminative effect.

Whatever the mood takes you, the CP-K8800 light effect can be activated (or deactivated), so unlike other backlit keyboards, you have the option if you want it on or off, ideal for after hours gaming or in ours work!

Full sized, with a separate numeric pad and through better design reduced RSI risk with a thinner profile to provide a more nature typing posture. Just plug in and go, fully Plug n' Play for almost all operating systems including Windows, Mac and project computers including Raspberry PI.


Please read to get the most out of your keyboard

As standard, when plugged into a USB port the CP-K8800-V2  will not illuminate

in most cases, this is normal. To activate the backlit affect on the keys

please press SCROLL LOCK.

The SCROLL LOCK key turns on/off the

backlit effect and works independent of the host computer

In most cases no extra keyboard mapping is required, however for any key mapping

that needs to be done within your operating system please configure as needed

your keyboard preferences within your operating system.


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