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3 Lay Mask (Pack of 50)

Product Details

The M-3PLY Mask is used for covering the mouth, nose and jaw to block exhalation or ejection of pollutants from the mouth and nose in ordinary medical environments. Held on to the face by ear-loops the mask is easy to wear, breaking strength at the joints of ear loops with the mask body ≥10N and bacteria filtration efficiency ≥95%.


L (175 ± 8.5) * W(90 ± 4.5) mm, 3ply (non-woven fabric + melt-blown fabric + non-woven fabric in three layers), nose bridge clips and ear loops.

Use Limitations and Warnings

1. Only used for normal medical protection and home health care;
2. Check production and expiration date on the external package before use. Don’t use if it is out of the expiration date;
3. Don’t use if the package is damaged;
4. Wear with caution to those who are allergic to non-woven;
5. Single use only, handle after use in accordance with the requirements from environmental protection departments;
7. Do not wear during invasive operation.

Instructions for Use

Check the external package before use, open it and take out the disposable medical mask, unfold the disposable medical mask up and down in the folding direction and hang ear-loops on the ears, press the nose clip lightly and pull the lower end of the mask body to the jaw, and confirm covered the mouth, nose and jaw completely.

Storage and Transportation Conditions

It should be stored in a dry, non-corrosive gas and well-ventilated indoor environment with a relative humidity not exceeding 80%. Handle with care during transportation to prevent direct sunlight and rain, and keep away from fire.


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