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PC Case Desktop CPU Stand Holder Tower Rolling Lockable Wheels Width Adjustable

Product Details

Easily and safely transport your Desktop or Servers.

Are you constantly moving your heavy and delicate Desktops, Servers or Workstations from one location to another? Need ease of access to your Computer Systems without the hassle of wrenching the cables out?

The CPUST is a quality and low cost stand for any Desktop, Server, Media Centre or Workstation. With fully adjustable widths, centralized locking and the advantage of being manufactured with antistatic materials to help reduce static build-up which could damage sensitive electronics, the CPUST allows perfect clamping of the Computer Enclosure, allowing for a non slip attachment to prevent the Computer tipping.

Other advantages of this design including easy attached Castors, which all 4 are lockable to prevent movement, width adjustable design up to 25.4cm and increased cool air flow design when compared to being placed on a normal flat surface.

Ideal for IT Rooms, Schools, Business or Home Users looking for a price competitive and easy way to locate your existing Desktop, Server and Workstations with minimal effort and maximum security.

Features you need…

ABS Plastic, fully adjustable Desktop, Server and Workstation Stand

Width adjustable from 15cm to 25.4cm, lockable

Antistatic materials help prevent dangerous static build-up

Increase cool air flow to increase Computer life

Soft Plastic grippers to prevent Desktop or Server from falling over

Fully lockable quality Castors (4)

Neutral, Black plastic lightweight design

Ideal for Schools, IT Rooms, Business and Home Users

Retail Box Packaging

Everything you need in the Box CPUST, 2 Screw Clamps x4 lockable Castors * *Computer not included


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