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USB Power Bank 6000mAh - White,dual ports 1A/2A - PBK-600B-W

Product Details

Finding your current portable USB charger is not going the distance with your power hungry digital devices?

The new LMS Data PBK-6000B is a new generation of ultra-compact and pocket able charge stations for current and next generation high-drain digital devices such as digital cameras, HD GPS, larger tablet computers and smart watches.

Using an advanced chemistry, grid arrayed 6000mAh (approx.) battery
system assures portable power not just to larger smartphones but also tablet computers from leading vendors including Apple(tm) and Samsung(tm). Utilising a triple, 1-Amps and 2-Amp USB charge ports, allowing for dual-charging capability with charge protection
for your expensive devices.

Finally, an easy-to-read LED charge status display allows at a glance visual check,  together with an high-intensity LED light, ideal for any emergency situations.

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