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USB Type-C to USB On-The-Go Adapter (C-TC-OTG)

Product Details

The new Dynamode C-TC-OTG is a USB Type-C adapter that connects to a USB Type-C only device such as a Phone, Tablet, Notebook, indeed almost any digital device using just the USB Type-C socket.

Ideal for quickly connecting USB only products to phones for example. Such as
keyboards, Mice, USB audio devices and much more. Give new life to your USB only peripherals and input devices.

Key Features:

Converts almost any USB Type-C Port to USB Socket

Supports up to USB3 5Gbps with compatible devices

Connect to USB Type-C Phones, Tablets, Chromebook(tm)

16m long cable for maximum flexibility


Convert almost an USB Type-C Phone, Tablet, Notebook to a standard USB2 or USB3 socket

Ideal for using legacy USB peripherals, input devices and much more on your mobile device

Saves on costly USB Type-C peripherals

Product Code:

Part Number: C-TC-OTG

EAN: 8400800036681

Weight: 0.05Kg approx

Technical Specifications:

Warranty                Dynamode 2-Year Warranty

Port Type               USB Type-C to OTG adapter

Compliance           USB2/3 up to 5Gbps*
Cable Length         16cm (approx)

Compliance           Plug n' Play compatibility

Supplied With:

C-TC-OTG    USB Type-C to OTG Adapter

* Specifications and product design are subject to change. E&OE.

What is USB Type-C? This is a new type of high-performance connector which is now appearing on newer phones, tables and even notebook computers. It allows USB3 speeds so is much faster than existing USB2 technology. It will transfer data quicker and general charge quicker, however USB Type-C without an adapter will not fit with USB 2 or MicroUSB cables.

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